We accelerate strategic transactions / deals leveraging our extensive advisory expertise across critical areas:

Fund Management Services

  • Fund Setup and Administration: Establishing and structuring investment funds, managing accounting and financial reporting, and handling secretarial duties for portfolios and LPs.
  • Legal and Investment Support: Conducting legal reviews, due diligence, and representation in investment transactions.

Startup Advisory Services

  • Investment and M&A Guidance: Facilitating startup investments, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Tax and Legal Advisory: Offering expertise in POEM, GAAR, Permanent Establishment, and other complex tax matters.
  • Structural Advisory: Assisting with flipping structures globally and managing re-domestication back to India.
  • Cross-Border Transactions: Specializing in transactions in the U.S. and Singapore to streamline processes for Indian founders.

Enhanced Startup Support

  • Finance and Compliance: Providing dedicated financial management and compliance services specifically for startups.
  • Global Setup and Compliance Management: Assisting startups in establishing global entities and navigating international compliance.
  • Business Development Advisory: Helping develop business plans, assessing valuations, and evolving business models.
  • Strategic Commercial and Tax Advisory: Advising on strategic commercial transactions and associated tax implications.
  • Integrated Tax and Legal Expertise: Comprehensive consulting in tax and legal matters, adapting to varied regulatory environments.